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I'm Shafana, a proud mom to three beautiful daughters. In 2018, I embarked on a heartfelt journey of creativity by crafting Eid and Ramadan Pajamas for my girls and our community in New York. The overwhelming support and encouragement from my community fueled my passion, inspiring me to design and create more each year.

The spark for something special ignited when my second daughter, at the age of 4, expressed her desire for a Muslim doll. Surprisingly, I couldn't find a plush doll that resonated with our values. Determined to fill this gap, I embarked on the delightful venture of creating our very own Muslim plush doll. This marked the beginning of a creative exploration, as I continued to design and introduce more heartfelt additions to our collection.

Our journey is a celebration of family, culture, and the joyous moments that make our traditions unique. From cozy Pajamas to cuddly Muslim plush dolls, each creation is crafted with love and a commitment to enriching the tapestry of Muslim experiences. Join us on this heartwarming adventure as we continue to bring more thoughtful designs to life.

With gratitude,